Services big and small to fit your needs. Just want some new colors in your kitchen and dining room? Maybe some new lighting switched out or added? Need new energy efficient windows and doors installed? Call for just a new sink disposal or if your thinking about an adding a new addition to your home. Exterior pergola or trellis to spice up your yard. Have a deck that needs replacing or do you want a fancier one? Leaking window? Rot that needs to be fixed? Just give us a call and we'll be happy to come out and discuss your project and give you a free estimate. Call (425)223-0475 



Remodeling any area of your home? Have a bathroom you'd like to update or a kitchen? Looking to change a room color or take out a wall? Do you have an idea or just want to look at options or talk about designs? Have a budget you'd like to work with or just want it done for a reasonable price? Call for a visit and a quote.


Need a detached garage? Or add one to your home? Want to extend a room or have a bigger master bedroom? Call us and we can talk about your options and design ideas. 


This is one of my favorite project types because I love the outdoors and appreciate improvements that allow you to enjoy your backyard more. From trellis's to pergollas, water features or paver patios. If you want to enjoy the outside of your home, let's talk.


Want to update the siding on your home to something a bit fancier? Or is the siding on your home degrading or falling apart. Give a call and we can come give our proffesional opinion and some ideas and price options. 


Have a door thats leaking air or water? Sometimes doors can warp and need to be replaced. Or maybe its just a good cold conductor and needs to be more energy efficient. Maybe you'd just like something a bit fancier. Call and find out your options.


Widows leaking? Have old aluminum windows and want new vinyl energy efficient windows. We can replace one or all of them. 100% waterproofing guaranteed. 


From entry porches to second floor decks. New design or replacing an old one. A nice deck can be a wonderful place to relax or share with company. Big or small. I really enjoy building decks!


Have a railing that's falling apart? I can help you replace it with something practical or fancy. Built to code and most important, safe!


Need to organize a closet space? A walk-in closet or a kitchen pantry? Let's get together and talk about your ideas. I'm sure we can come up with great ideas to please you and satisfy your storage needs.


As a carpenter at heart, I love to create just about anything with wood. If you have an idea you'd like to see happen I'd be happy to build it.


From fireplace's to columns, veneer's and retaining walls. Give me your idea's and we'll make something you can appreciate. 



Showers, backspalshes, walls and floors. Tile can add a beautiful look to any area of your home. Let's find some tile you'll love and make a lasting impresion. 



Need some more space? Want to highlight an entertainment area? An office, bedroom, man cave, or family room. Sick of all the cords stretched and hanging about. Let's hear what you like and come up with the best idea to meet your needs and organize your space.


if you need a drywall patch or an entire room. I'd be happy to come look at the area and discuss your options.


Have a muddy spot in your yard? Just want to fancy up a walkway. We can do different paver patters that are sure to spice up your path.

I have the skills to handle most of your residential needs. Large projects to small handyman work. Let's sit down and discuss your needs and decide what is involed, Budget, time lines, idea's and goals. And then decide what's the best way to achieve a quality end result that you can be happy about, because after all, it's your home and you want to enjoy living in it.